Diets and DIY, health and hobbies… So much in life is about improving isn't it?

It doesn’t stop at the personal. As a public sector ICT professional, you know too well the constant pressure to improve your ICT service, across everything from compliance to cloud services. But being in the public sector, there’s many other pressures to juggle.

So where do you start?

Put it this way: you wouldn’t start a diet without a weigh-in.

And you wouldn’t tackle a DIY project without reaching for your tape measure.

Likewise, before you start improving your ICT service, it’s crucial to take stock of where you are now, with a few baseline measurements.

And that’s where Socitm Improve helps. A bespoke programme for local government and public sector organisations, Improve gives you the real picture of your ICT service, directing you to the things that’ll make a positive difference — today and tomorrow.

Let’s start now…

Why improve, with Socitm Improve?

Unique expertise

We’ve been working with local government and public sector ICT professionals since 1986. There’s no other body that knows what makes your organisations tick like we do, with the data to prove it.

Real desire to help

We’re a member organisation for people like you who work in public sector ICT. So not only do we understand the challenges you face, we have a bona fide interest in helping you overcome them.

Great to work with

Our team is small but mighty. And although we work in the digital and technology world, we believe the personal touch counts for lots. We love what we do, and we love helping people in local government.

Talk with us

Support that’s straightforward and sincere

In the complex world of local government ICT, simplicity matters. So from the start to finish of your Improve programme, you’ll have just one point of contact, Aimie Francis

Expertise with empathy

When you work with Aimie and the wider Socitm team, you’ll get one of a kind service, with three main principles: experience, insight and understanding.

Talk with Aimie now to find out for yourself…

Get the bigger picture

Data, and making it useful for you, is at the heart of Socitm Improve…

…But it’s tricky to show you that without your organisation completing our Improve programme. So to give you a taste of what Improve can bring you, we’ve analysed data we collected last year about local government ICT.

Here’s what we found: tuck into these tidbits…

You share a bit, and you outsource a little more

When supporting ICT users, prevention is better than the cure


Room For Improvements

Improve – our bespoke programme which gives local government and public sector organisations the real picture of their ICT services – covers five modules: Estate, Performance, Cost, Digital, and User Satisfaction.

Last summer, Warwick Andrew, Socitm’s former vice president, visited Improve customers as far apart as Cornwall and Shetland on the hunt for excellence. So, what does ‘Good’ look like?


Get fast answers to the most common questions about Improve. Something not here? Contact us now and we’ll answer any other questions you might have…

How much does Improve cost?
Pricing starts from just £1,900. We set our prices on a number of factors — get in touch now for a bespoke quote.
How long does Improve take to complete?
It can be as quick as a day, but it does depend on the type of analysis you are looking for.
What do we get at the end of the Improve process?
For the most straightforward projects, you’ll get an easy-to-use interactive data dashboard. For more advanced options, you’ll receive individual analysis and recommendations by our experts.
Do my colleagues need to be involved? How many?
It really does depend on the areas you’d like our Improve service to cover. Some areas can be limited to one department or team, or you can get greater context by involving related functions. Get in touch now and we’ll explore the options with you.
Can I speak to other organisations who have used Improve?
Absolutely — although your data will be anonymised in dashboards and reports, we can introduce you to similar organisations who have discovered similar patterns in their data, or have the same challenges and opportunities.
Is the data really relevant to my organisation? How useful is it really?
As our name implies, Improve exists to help organisations advance their ICT and digital services — and to do that we have to use relevant, real data. In being part of a local government professional association founded in 1986, we have analysed and worked with every kind of local government organisation: from unitary authorities to London boroughs, metropolitan districts to county councils. We also work with other public and third sector organisations, giving us an unmatched level of insight into ICT and digital services for public benefit.
Who can I speak to for more information?
Aimie Francis is the only name you need to remember for our Improve service! You can call her on 01604 876371 or email her at