To give you convenient access to your results, your Improve report is delivered through the Tableau Online portal.

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 What is Tableau? 

Tableau is an interactive data visualisation platform that turns your responses into charts. Each time you login to the portal, your metrics are compared to the most recent data we have from other participants. As the charts are interactive, you have the ability to adjust who you are compared against based on organisation type and year of submission.

The following videos will help you gain an idea of how our Tableau report will benefit you.

 Introduction to Tableau 

In addition to guiding you through the process of logging into the Tableau Online portal, this video demonstrates some of the ways you can filter your data to gain greater insights.

Sharing results

While you can gain the most benefit from using Tableau directly, we appreciate that sometimes you just wish to share a single metric with a colleague. This video shows how you can share your findings with ease.

 Guide to our survey tools 

Want to learn more about how to use our survey tools? We've prepared this handy guide to help you start.

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